An Armenian & Irish abstract artist based in North London.

A bright pink canvas with mutliple colours on top. A big blue section occupies the top left to centre and white splashes adorn the canvas. On top of this, yellow oil markers mark out little routes of joy.

May 2023

100cm x 100cm x 5cm

Moment of Happiness

An expression of joy on a yellow canvas with splashes of purple indicating doubt that the joy will stay.

July 2023

100cm x 120cm x 5cm

Joy Can Be Fleeting

When you're in the first throws of a relationship, is it lust you're after or is it love? An expression of this on canvas with words in black, white and red painted over in a mixture of black, red and pink paint.

July 2023

100cm x 100cm x 5cm

Lust or Love

A textured canvas with multiple layers of paint, from navy to yellow, adorned with multiple sharp cuts.

November 2022

100cm x 100cm x 5cm

Turmoil Inside a Troubled Mind

A dark canvas with multiple layers of paint and splashes of orange. Wood chippings mixed on the surface add a level of texture to the choppy nature of the piece.

June 2023

100cm x 100cm x 5cm

Awash with Emotion

A bright yellow canvas, with neon green and blue markings on top.

November 2022

50cm x 50cm x 5cm

Untitled 4

Beige canvas with mutliple markings of brown and nude on top. Simple and meant to evoke the calmness of staring into space.

October 2022

100cm x 100cm x 3cm

Staring Into Space

Bright orange and autumnal colours. Designed to create the feeling of autumn and all the cosiness that comes with it.

September 2022

100cm x 100cm x 5cm

Around and Around and Around

Through the integration of diverse materials, Sean's artwork serves as a gateway to the depths of his psyche, unraveling the origins of their internal dialogue, thoughts, and emotions while forging a new found connection with their neurodiversity. With each creation, the artist weaves a tapestry through soul-searching and vulnerability, inviting viewers to reflect on their own experiences, traumas and emotions. This unique artistic language transcends traditional boundaries, resonating with a wide array of people and offering a transformative journey that encourages introspection, empathy, and a deeper understanding of the intricate nuances of what it means to be human.