Where’d you come from where’d you go?

I started my career as an 18-year-old university student come moonlighting freelance designer working on quite literally any job I could get at any hour of the day.

In the nearly eight years since I’ve worked across a variety of projects with a range of companies. From building the product, design team, brand and business at Nested to designing Burberry's first ever app, I'm now trying to do it all again at Florence

Senior Product Designer at Florence

April 2019 - Present

I joined as the first design hire in the product team at Florence to help nurses and carers gain more independence whilst helping to save care homes money. Since joining I have worked on our iOS and Android apps and multiple web based projects.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic we launched The National Care Force at Florence and I lead the product and design throughout this process to ensure that we were able to offer up as large of a volume of volunteers ready to help out across the social care sector.

Product Designer at Nested

May 2016 - April 2019

I joined Nested’s three founders as their first employee back in May 2016. Since then we’ve launched a whole range of products, sold over 200 homes and raised nearly £130 million from investors.

Being both the first employee and therefore first in the design team at Nested has been both a challenge and a massive opportunity. I’ve been able to build our design team up from scratch, launch a whole range of products including our customer account, brand and subsequently rebrand Nested and really bring the customer to the forefront of everything that we do.

Nested has allowed me to grow into a much better designer in a shorter timeframe than I’d have been able to working in a larger company.

I don’t know if I’ll ever experience the ride that we had at Nested again but I know I’ve learnt an absolute bucket load that I wouldn’t have learnt anywhere else.

Digital Designer at Burberry

July 2015 - May 2016

Burberry offered me a job before I’d even finished university. Being mildly obsessed with fashion and a fan of the label I jumped at the chance.

I initially started off working on Burberry’s website, improving conversion and optimising our site through a wide range of A/B tests. Alongside this I began to work on the personalisation part of Burberry’s product offering, this involved the creation of about 100 templates, a brand new typeface (for the rucksack range) and a fresh approach to how we were personalising products online.

The final two projects I worked on were completely new product offerings. The first was our first app, one for Apple TV designed to get you to the front row on fashion week. The second was an improved experience on mobile for all of Burberry’s customers, which involved the creation of an app prototype to pitch to the internal board. This app is now out in the public and has had some great reviews!

Product Design at University of Lincoln

September 2012 - June 2015

I started my course in Product Design at the university of Lincoln back in 2012. This was around the time I also began to freelance, working on a variety of web based products.

I immediately started to see the similarities between designing for a digital world a phyiscal one, and ended up spending most of my time at university blurring the boundaries between the two. My favourite project that really crossed the divide was a clock product called Beacon. The idea was for it to be a way for you to detach yourself from your phone whilst still being able to keep an eye on what’s important in your digital life (think calendar reminders, a call from your mum etc). The closest you can see to it now is in either Amazon’s Echo Spot or Essential’s Home.

My final year dissertation was also written on how physical products were starting to be phased out of existence by digital competitors.