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Design a smart object capable of increasing productivity by producing less smartphone distractions.

Beacon was first envisaged as a simple connected timer, the idea was that the timer would have a basic display and when pressed would start a stopwatch in order to track time in relation to a specified client project. However over the course of a years worth of development, the project flourished beyond it’s original form and function to a connected smart clock capable of doing this and much more.

Beacon was designed with our connected lifestyles in mind, but also with the knowledge that sometimes we just want to take a break and not be as distracted, sure we can use the “Do Not Disturb” function on our phones, but what if a vital email or call comes through, how is that meant to push through and still get the attention it deserves.

Therefore Beacon was designed with a smartphone connected application that would be able to funnel your notifications through to Beacon. In the app you can set up who you would like to receive those notifications from and they will pop-up on your Beacon when they come in, no need to look to your phone, Beacon will pop-up your important notifications right on your desktop.

The Beacon app was designed with simplicity in mind meaning all icons are large enough to tap (and to see), and you can control all of your smart app integrations too right from the app, no need to go anywhere else. The companion app to Beacon also featured a sleep tracking function (if you were to use Beacon as your bedside alarm clock), to wake you up just as you were coming out of a light sleep, meaning you can wake up more refreshed than ever. A bonus to this is all your notifications (expect your important phone calls) would be filtered to ensure you’re not woken from your slumber.

Alongside the design of Beacon I created a website and a set of illustrations to showcase the smart features available on-board Beacon itself. These illustrations were designed in order showcase all features of Beacon in as simple manner as possible in order for them to be used in both the instruction manuals and any promotional materials. Overall this was a fun project to take on, and you can see more information on the Beacon webite.