Designing a better customer experience at Burberry

The last project I worked on at Burberry was designed to improve the concierge experience Burberry is known for amongst their afluent clients. While we worked we realised that if pitched and designed right, we could open up this concierge experience to everyone.

We set up a start-up environment inside of a FTSE 100 company

Myself and a team of five others, Hugh, Luke, Sian, Alessia and Simon worked alongside Nick, a freelance developer to form a startup inside of Burberry. We set up daily standups, had a burndown chart and a heavy collection of PostIt notes and worked inside a “war room” to get this project underway.

Alessia and Sian formed the Product Management and User Research team, whilst Simon, Hugh, Luke and Myself formed the design team. This was my second app project inside Burberry; the first being the Apple TV app that I had previously worked on with Simon.

“Deliver clothing straight from the store to our customers door in record time.”

We had six weeks to get this ready to pitch to the board

The main focus of this project was the concierge experience. Alessia and Sian spent a lot of time in Burberry stores across London and the UK figuring out how the instore representatives spoke to our customers. We found a common theme; most were using WhatsApp and taking images of clothing instore to send to their customers. This was something we felt we could really improve.

From this we introduced the concept of a “rail”. This was a curated selection of clothing put together by your instore representative that would both fit you and suit you. Each time you were heading to an event, or needed a new outfit, the instore representative would curate a new rail and send it through to you. You could then order the clothes straight from your concierge chat, or via the normal e-commerce route. We added the option of Uber Rush (a new beta service from Uber at the time) to deliver the clothing straight from the store to the customers door in record time.

Sometimes, all good things have to come to an end

The concept went flying through board approval with both the CEO, Christopher Bailey and COO, John Smith loving the concept. I left Burberry about two weeks before this meeting happened but was glad to see the app develop into a fully functioning Apple Store success about 12 months later. You can download the app here.