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Design a 3D printed product with a reason to be manufactured in this manner.

The Hoxton Lamp is a 3D printed light fixture designed to act as a desk lamp, ceiling rose and bedside lamp. The lamp was created as part of my final year university project on 3D printing and manufacturing in which we were tasked with creating an object that had a reason to be 3D printed. The group and I decided that we would target the hospitality industry as, if you think about it, the majority of hotels, and even restaurants have at least one or two pieces of customised pieces, however in most cases this is an off-the-shelf product accompanied with a stamp of the hotel/restaurant’s logo.

In our group we wanted to take this customisation level one step further by offering up a range of products that could be altered using 3D modelling programs such as Rhino 3D. We wanted to offer up a better range of customisation that means we could alter the look and feel of the product our client was purchasing rather than just stamping a logo onto it.

As I have always had a passion for designing lighting, I decided to focus on this sector and worked through a range of ideas as to how to improve the current multiple switch lighting systems in place in most common hotel rooms. This was when I happened upon the idea of producing a lamp that could be used as the three main light types; desk, bedside and ceiling. In order to facilitate this design choice, I opted to add a long cable (3m) to ensure that user would never have a flat-battery nor would they have to keep recharging it to maintain the lamp strength they may so wish to have.

For the lamp to be suitable enough to be used in all three situations I decided to design a form that had edges to ensure that the lamp itself could not roll about when placed on a table top. However in order to make it aesthetically pleasing, and easier to use, I decided to ensure that these edges were not flat and were repeated all around the object. This would therefore allow a user to place the lamp on a surface without looking and it still wouldn’t roll off.

In order to match our target market, we had been working with the Hoxton Hotel Group who helped us establish what items a hotelier may look to get customised along with giving us a better understanding of our target market and it’s clients to ensure that we were accommodating their needs. To continue matching to the Hoxton's market, my Hoxton Lamp (see where it got it’s name from now) was customised to match all four locations to which the Hoxton Hotel Group are opening (or have opened) a hotel. These were; London, Paris, Amsterdam and New York. I decided to use the rivers form of these locations (Thames, Seine, Amstel and Hudson) in order to showcase a subtle link back to the place where the hotel sits.

After university I decided to take this project on a little further and began experimenting with branding, packaging and even website design to see how this product would take shape in the real world. Whilst working on the website, I wanted to think about manufacturing this lamp using either a 3D printed technique of if it was at mass scale then working with a manufacturer to produce an accurate mould in which this lamp could be made and using the 3D printing process to prototype it in my studio. You can see the website and some branding that I mocked up below.

I will potentially be building this site over the next year so keep an eye out by following me on Twitter.