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Client Name

Ticket Fairy

Project Scope

Refocus the design of the back-end ticket scanning app for The Ticket Fairy.

Ticket Fairy approached me in the summer of 2015 as a startup heading into YCombinator to help them put a design focus on their back end app for scanning tickets through to their events. They already had a basic frame in place and a functional app, but what they needed was the ability to effectively skin this app to make it easier to use for first time scanners at Ticket Fairy run events.

One of the main functions of the application is when scanning an event goers wristband or ticket the person scanning the ticket needs to be alerted immediately as to whether or not the atendee has a valid ticket, has already checked in or has any extras attached to their ticket purchase. In order to facilitate this need a whole screen alert was designed to flash up in green, orange or red dependant on their ticket status.

An added feature to Ticket Fairy's offering is a search functionality for ticket holders who have forgotten their ticket at the gate. This is a great addition as I myself, have known people who this has happened to and therefore they were refused entry, but this search function can prove one way or another that individuals did infact purchase a valid ticket to the event.

Overall I really loved working on this project in colaboration with the team over at Ticket Fairy and hope to see them flourish after their 3 month internship at YCombinator.